Headquarter of Roxtec is in Kariskrona in Sweden where the technical center of the company is located in the same place as well. The R&D center where is equipped with high technology equipment, test laboratories, the production and logistics centers are also located in the same place.

Roxtec was founded after the invention of Multidiameter™, as a unique solution for the adaptability of cables and pipes to the modules in different sizes by peeling off the removable layers.. It revolutionized the cable routing and pipe installation processes.
The purpose of the Roxtec sealing system is to seal openings where any size, number and type of cables and pipes pass through. The sealing system protects the installations by preventing water, fire, gas, dust, rodents, explosion and electromagnetic disturbances from passing through the openings.

Industries where Roxtec is used:
  • Telekom
  • Marine
  • Construction
  • Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • OEM
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