• Our main theme is that all existing buildings can be controlled by innovative high engineering for comfort, air conditioning, lighting and energy management.
  • The services we want to provide under the name of building management system are to provide high level projects and solutions where we can fully implement the principles of saving, control, maintenance and sustainability by combining ventilation, heating, cooling and comfort components with our high engineering technology at the required values.
  • The biggest problem nowadays is the emergence of uncontrollable and financially – physically damaging results. The reason for this is that individuals, firms and those responsible change during the design phase of the buildings, from the project phase to the implementation, operation and maintenance-repair phase.
  • Our goal is to make the structures sustainable with our highly engineering team and to offer comfort components to the full performance building.
  • Our systems are able to manage periodic maintenances, system failures and performance curves as desired from anywhere under favour of the software.

Central Automation Management System

  • Unlike the standard BMS system, it self-programs management with occupancy-oriented systems. It produces saving solutions and manage the system automatically.
  • All machine park equipments on the building can be controlled from the web interface system.
  • It can be managed with maintenance, control and failure notification mechanisms.

Automation control modules programming software

The entire software system required for the monitoring, integration and installation of local management organizations in Basic and standard systems can be adjusted as desired before performing all appraisal and shows performance according to set values.

Licensing production support services software

  • Identification of each product and system starting on the serial production line; During the installation process and on-going maintenance support process, this definition is provided through this product and the product serves as customer registration. Thus, it can be followed continuously.
  • The service that is provided under the name of support services; product installations, fault monitoring and all other operational support components can be controlled with a single software.

Control Modules

  • Analog/digital input output, pwm control module .
  • PC controlled Analog/digital input output, pwm control module.
  • DC/AC engine control modules (direct driving, frequency inverteretc.)
  • Analog, Digital sensor control card that will only transmit data.
  • Beside all equipments above solutions are provided by supplying additional equipments support in accordance with the building needs.