What is sayFUSE


sayFUSE (Fast Universal Storage Engine) is the next-generation backup and restore platform. This means that it combines the tasks of server, storage, backup and archive in one device. It embodies the security architecture for the protection of your data. sayFUSE is safe, fast, scalable and efficient.

sayFUSE combines the media handling of tape library systems with the performance of disk-based solutions. Users can remove and store the backup media for retrieval, for example, in a safe or, if necessary, exchange it for other media formats. Operation with mixed media sizes and media pooling are possible. This allows users to choose the capacities of their backup media for the specific requirements of their backup concepts.



sayFUSE acts as a powerful server, providing its resources to other computers or programs. These access the data in the server via the network.

As a backup solution, sayFUSE combines the advantages of tape backup and disk backup. The complete solution for data backup, restore and archiving integrates the backup hardware, the backup server and the backup and media management software in one system and uses hard disks as backup media.

Storage systems are essential components of any IT infrastructure. The sayFUSE storage capability meets all challenges and offers high availability, flexibility and deduplication.

The restore function sayFUSE is concerned with the process of restoring (retrieving) inaccessible, lost, corrupt, or formatted data from a secondary storage when the data stored in primary storage can not be accessed.

Backup-Level 1

The data backup takes place on the Dedup unit. The backup data volume is reduced by up to 90%. (1st backup set).

Backup-Level 2

From the Dedup backup record, the daily backups are written to the appropriate drives. Time and space savings: The second backup set runs within sayFUSE without network resources.

Backup-Level 3

The backup sets can be migrated to full weekly / monthly backups. Time saving: The process runs automatically in the background.

Backup-Level 4

Outsourcing to a secure environment.

Advantages of sayFUSE technology?


Both in terms of data security as well as in the fulfillment of legal requirements you are well equipped with sayFUSE. Our unique and patented security concept has convinced many customers from trade, industry and the public sector.


The all-in-one concept offers high transfer rates without speed-braking components, which are usually interposed. Backups and recovery in case of damage are done quickly so that your operation can continue very quickly.


sayFUSE replaces an entire IT room and requires only a fraction of space and energy. In order to achieve the same performance, considerably more devices are installed in the server rack in conventional solutions. In addition, sayFUSE is structured in such a way that, if required, the fan and power supply can be changed during operation. This saves downtime and expensive IT service.


Durch kapazitätserweiternde Module passt sich sayFUSE dem wachsenden Bedarf in Ihrem Unternehmen an. Das bedeutet Investitionssicheheit und hohe Performance für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur.