The services being offered by DATACENTER for the Datacenter sector are as follows:

1. Electrical / Mechanical Infrastructure Applications

Our activities starting with Survey, justification preparation, business plan extraction and preliminary cost tables in the infrastructure design of the datacenter sector, following with the final design of the  nominal designed system, selecting the most suitable products, removing the system one-line and column diagrams, drawing the shop-drawing projects and finally submission of  final product approval file.


2. Datacenter Solutions

Turnkey datacenter solutions can be provided both within the built-in and in the container according to the needs of the customers.

Within ATD and PMP certified skilled staff provide services in planning, design, installation, testing and commissioning of your datacenters according to the TIER standard. This resources ald required to get UI-Facility certificate for the datacenter. At the end of the project,

consultancy activities can be also fulfilled on behalf of the client.

Accredited Tier Designer (ATD), which is a respected title in the datacenter area. The ATP Certificate given by the Uptime Institute to the participants who completed the training; electricity, cooling, physical security, fire, building stability, network structure, natural disasters, disaster, etc.


3. Testing Process Management

Newly established datacenters can be serve to plan and manage all test processes from L1 to L5.

Especially L3, L4 and L5 (IST-Integrated System Test) tests require special expertise and experience. We meet customer requirement with high level of satisfaction with our excellence experience and documentation infrastructure. In addition, to be part of our service, load bank leasing is also to be available.


4. Uptime Tier Certification Consultancy

Design and Facility Certification processes, which should be carried out with  Uptime Institute, can be managed and lead by our ATD certified and experienced team on behalf of the companies.

The management of test periods during Uptime tests is not a process that can be carried out by many companies with their in-house resources. SERBAN can provide support to companies in this respect.


5. Live Board Replacement

Live switchboard exchange service is provided in the critical enterprises which can not be allowed power cuts, like datacenters and hospitals. In case the existing live distribution board needs to be replaced,

ensured that such critical operation done with necessary special expertise.


6. Protective and Preventive Maintenance

according to the needs of the customers The visual and electrical controls of the system can be prepared and the results can be reported. In this way, pre-control and corrective activities can be performed without serious issue.


7. Project Management

The leading companşes of the sector need the support of third parties to manage  projects they need to  carry out in tems of work schedule, relevant specifications and drawings and also to make the necessary reports.

In this regard, Project Management support can be given to the companies whom they need.


We provide customers highest satisfaction in terms of  design, installation, testing and commissioning and Uptime tests with our experienced and competent staff. In addition, our PMP (Project Management) certified staff provide necessary support for project management.