Network deployment services are available to the customers worldwide

MIKROLINK offers a complete array of services. MIKROLINK’s deployment services include turnkey deployment, deployment consulting, program and vendor management, network design, site acquisition and planning, site design and construction, installation and commissioning, and logistics management.

Integrated Approach

Network rollouts involve many different subject disciplines, from RF and fixed engineering to site acquisition, design, planning and construction. Complexity increases when each discipline uses independent resources and has different work styles. MIKROLINK has over the years developed an integrated approach to network deployment that has proven to be very effective. Multidisciplinary, integrated teams work together at the implementation level, minimizing interfaces between disciplines and improving communication.

Site Design

This service covers the detailed radio equipment and indoor/outdoor installation material list required to perform CW and TI services, and to provide RBS/BTS/NODE room plan, site cabling design and tower/mast/antenna locations. A Civil Work Detailed Design report is prepared including all technical details and drawings mentioned above.

Site Acquisition

Main activity realized in Site Acquisition is subsequent leasing of selected sites.

MIKROLINK helps its customers identify the best location for the placement of their telecommunications or utility facilities.  With our extensive local expertise, we can identify viable sites quickly and we will deliver on time. Site lease negotiation and execution, zoning representation, and building permit submittals. These services may also include nomination of potential site alternatives.

Construction Services

MIKROLINK approaches construction and installation management clearly focused on quality, cost efficiency, and on-time completion.

We have performed construction management on thausands of  sites to date using our highly-trained in-house construction managers.  From tail-gate meetings to board presentations, MIKROLINK’s construction managers get the job done.

Site Construction is where all construction of tower installation, cable tray related works and supportive systems such as battery backup, A/C are done according to the details given in the Civil Work Detailed Design report and the radio site are made ready for Telecom Implementation.

Our experience includes:

  • Structural Enhancements
  • Full Electrical Services
  • Civil Services
  • Tower Erection and Installation
  • Power Line and Foundation Construction
  • Site Work – Land Clearing and Excavation

Project Management and Controls

MIKROLINK provides project and program management as a standalone service offering, it is at the core of every one of our projects.

Our program and project management certifications and tracking systems are vital to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, keeping us aligned in terms of schedule, cost, quality, deliverables, and reporting throughout the life of the project.

MIKROLINK combines its in-house program and project management expertise, quality assurance systems and its unmatched network of certified professionals with single-source accountability to provide cost-effective, full turnkey infrastructure development.

MIKROLINK’s in house project support includes project coordinators at centralized and local levels to support multiple disciplines including: schedule; milestone tracking; quality control for deliverables; logistics for tracking and delivery of assets by site.

Outside Plant Deployment

As a turnkey partner MIKROLINK can carry out the design, engineering and rollout of fiber networks and upgrade existing network technologies. For the roll-out phase MIKROLINK has experienced installation teams and fully equipped fiber optics technicians.