MIKROLINK’s Enterprise technology experience includes;

Passive Distributed Antenna Systems

Active Distributed Antenna Systems


Public Safety Land Mobile Radios



Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

MIKROLINK has a history of designing, developing and managing both indoor and outdoor DAS networks to improve signal strength, coverage and network capacity. In addition, by breaking down the macro cell site into smaller pieces, the DAS helps add coverage and capacity to the network.

A DAS system can be either single carrier or multi-carrier. The DAS allows carriers to target specific areas for improvement without having to build out an entirely new network. MIKROLINK team can help enterprise clients and operators determine what footprint they want to cover, be it an indoor or outdoor network, as well as the exact specification of the coverage and capacity requirements.


Mobile Data Off-Loading_Wi-Fi

MIKROLINK has been helping operators where they need to relieve network congestion while controlling CapEx. Today, the use of Wi-Fi for mobile data off-loading is seeing increased operator attention due to its ability to alleviate the current congestion while having the ability to also support a future 5G/4G deployments.

Wi-Fi is widely available in mobile devices and leverages unlicensed spectrum to add capacity. Today, millions of subscribers are using Wi-Fi as their primary source for data/internet access. As the need for relieving congestion continues, MIKROLINK works with our clients to determine which of the various off-loading options works best with the operators’ specific network considerations and meet the QoE expectations of their customers. MIKROLINK understands the operators’ needs and can offer various off-loading solutions including network bypassing, managed by-passing or a fully integrated data offload, depending on the carriers’ requirements.