What is sayTRUST VPSC

sayTRUST VPSC (Virtual Protected Secure Communication) is a pioneering new technology for the encoded, internal and external access of the company’s network. sayTRUST enables high protected communication and data exchange without backdoors and without any possibility of manipulation of unauthorized access.



Users who work from home or who work mobile need to be able to access the company’s data from time to time. This requires remote access to the company’s network, which is not only fast and stable, but also insures a secure connection. Normally, companies and authorities use commercial VPN-solutions. Both administrators and users complain about a number of problems while these solutions are being used: a software that can be poorly or not at all integrated-on clients, complicated hardware which are necessary during some applications, or too slow connection are just some of these to name. The sayTRUST VPN technology offers you an access-solution without the mentioned drawbacks.

  • Not required any software to be installed on the computer, therefore provides high secure access from any place and device.
  • User-friendly, flexible, fast.
  • Eight-tiered access and communication security.
  • Initiates communication security before tunneling
  • Communication establishes through computer’s RAM
  • Creates certification and crypto keys at the time of connection.
  • Provides highest level security

Access Mobile Device

Fundamentally, the solution consists of a server and a client component i.e. in the form of an USB-Access-Stick. The server can function as an appliance or as a software. There are options to choose from USB sticks with Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) or with Three-Factor-Authentication (3FA).



A secure communication through an effective protected working environment.

VPSC instead of VPN – We have thought ahead:

  • Kommunikation innerhalb der Applikationsebene anstatt Netzwerk-Netzwerk-Kopplung
  • Communication within the Application Level instead of Network- Network- Coupling
  • Eight-Staged Security
  • Security before the tunnel rather than at the end
  • Own Certificates of non-falsification and Safety
  • A completely secured workspace
  • No software to be installation required on the computer, therefore provides high secure access from any place and device.
  • Security starts before establishing the communication
  • No IP required for VPSC connection
  • No virtual network card required
  • Connection provided at application level
  • No direct network connection required

Security must be simple.According to this basic principle, the user interface of sayTRUST Secure Access was devised. Since a compromise had to be always undertaken with conventional VPN- solutions, sayTEC AG has taken all the suggestions of customers into consideration while developing sayTRUST Secure Access. The outcome of this development is a tool with both high security and easy usage.

In addition to generally recognized standards, other security features (SSL, TLS, X.509 with a 2048-Bit certificate, Diffie-Hellman Perfect Forward Secrecy dependent on the personal user certificate) and additional unique features were implemented. This includes an application-based connections in the tunnel (instead of the common Layer 2 or Layer 3 VPN). A malicious software will be recognized and devalued already at the entrance of the tunnel. With a respective CA (Certificate Authority), the certificates are self-created and not obtained from a foreign source. The whole communication will be built from the Random-Access Memory of the Client’s computer. Therefore, no data remnants which must be evaluated later remain neither on the computer nor on the link. That’s why, “Man in the middle attack” much loved by hackers, is not possible. For the encrypted communication, neither a specific virtual Network card and so nor a separate IP address from the too protective network is required. From the outside, not only the network and related information but also on the client PC, the connection is invisible. The device has and does not recognize any network information about the remote network to be protected.

It is especially pleasant for the user to be able to carry his/her work environment with him/her thanks to sayTRUST Secure Access Sticks. The administrator configures the authorization right and thereby the work environment of the user and the access right to the applications and directories. Log in once and the automatic access right for all approved applications is created, without annoying repetitive password entry, the wish of every user. The password manager takes care of highest security for Single-Sign-On. In doing so, via the secured data base of the user, the log in to various applications and/or platforms will be done with the existing passwords. While invoking a favourite application, the Single-Sign-On module takes care in the background of a secure authentication. Individual uses are of course protected with different passwords.

Target groups for mobile applications are e.g. field workers, home-based workplaces, maintenance technicians of service providers or groups who must be strictly separated according to applications. Thereby, at schools the separation of student, teacher and administrator is enabled. At hospitals, the patients’ files are accessible to only authorized individuals from the medical field and the administration. In the field of industry, data and access for the development team will be separated from each other securely.

The sayTRUST Access USB-Client (1) is highly secured and highly flexible

  • The request for authentication is made once being plugged into any PC.
  • After authentication, the sayTRUST menu (3) is started.
  • The user-defined sayTRUST menu is used to set up a connection for each application directly from the RAM so that no traces remain on the PC.

Advantages of sayTRUST VPSC


8-staged-access security before the client


installation, administration and service


tunnelling of local, remote or mobile usages


allowance, blocking and isolating of applications and resources


acquisition, operation and administration


expandable through security modules