Human Resources Practices

The employees are the most important resources for Mikrolink, who has been devoted to take any necessary actions for the employee motivation and teamwork spirit, and training activities for the personal development of her employees in an ambiance of work peace and labor safety. As a result of this fundamental policy;

  • It is a must to act in line with the law, justice and goodwill rules in implementation of the employment affairs.
  • One may not adopt any business practice based on discrimination for language, race, gender, political opinion, philosophic belief, religious or sectarian belief and similar reasons.
  • A candidate employee or title holder should satisfy such prerequisites as knowledge, experience and educational background for the best performance of any jobs and tasks.
  • The personnel should be provided with any facilities to improve knowledge and skills.
  • Any employee is awarded for the distinguished achievement in job.
  • Care is taken to deploy any employees in the positions where they would be mostly efficient.
  • Any necessary actions are taken for the employees to adopt the fundamental corporate values.
  • The employees are covered under the social security scheme with the Social Securities Association.
  • Being aware of the fact that the absolute customer satisfaction is the most important factor for the corporate survival, the Company gets her employees properly acquainted. The employees are expected to realize the unconditional customer satisfaction.