Üsküdar – Çekmeköy Metro Hattı Tetra Telsiz Kapsama Projesi


Üsküdar – Çekmeköy Metro Line Tetra Transceiver coverage project


  • Sixteen (16) stations and one (1) storing area
  • 19,5 km’s long single sided tunnels (total length 39 km).


The project aims to set up continuous uninterrupted communication line within coverage area having proper frequency levels fully in line with the technical specifications for Police, Fire-Fighting Units through Tetra used in transceiver system.


Our user friendly active and passive equipment used in transceiver system, having the most advanced system can be remote controlled in control center on a map.


As Mikrolink, we provide the following solution and services to our customers:


  • Project Engineering, Design, Field Investigation, Setting up and Launching.
  • RF-Radio Frequency planning including covering and capacity estimations.
  • Project Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Managing and remote administration software applications
  • Training and documentation


Drawing 1- Project Line Knowledge


Drawing 2 Coverage Estimation Study


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