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Ubiqam is an innovative start-up company focused on development of smart antenna and interference cancellation technologies for the creation of ubiquitous wireless mobile broadband network with unprecedented capacity and spectral efficiency.

The company's patent pending technologies   TRiC™ - Transmit Receive Interference Cancellation and CLiC™ Cross Lobe Interference Cancellation combine smart RF and DSP processing to enable extreme utilization of the wireless spectrum in the most challenging environments.

Ubiqam has incorporated the TRiC™ and CLiC™ technologies in various applications and products targeting fast growing needs in the broadband mobile market.

UbiFiX™ - Foreign Interference Cross Canceller is a solution for cancellation of remote interference received at a cellular site.

UbiMaX™ - Interference Cancellation Module for the development of SoHo and large repeaters with interference cancellation.

UbiMAX Relay™ – Self-backhauled small-cell solution enabling coverage and capacity enhancements without dependency on wired backhaul.

CLiC™  Small-Cell NLoS Backhaul – High capacity small-cell backhaul solution using interference cancellation for extreme throughput and spectral efficiency.

The company's solutions have been trialed and deployed by leading wireless operators and its technology has been integrated into leading wireless equipment vendors worldwide.


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