Mikrolink Acquires US California-based Shaxon Industries!

Having made significant progress towards becoming a global system integrator by serving leading telecom operators for nearly a quarter century, Mikrolink acquired a 50% share in California-based Shaxon Industries in 2021 and has recently acquired the remaining 50% of the shares, now owning 100 % of the company. Shaxon Industries is a manufacturer, direct sales company and distributor of consumer electronics, premise cabling products, fibre optic components, SFPS and specialty cables, computer cables, audio/video cables, connectors, and related products.

The merging of Shaxon and Mikrolink in the US market, which drives the momentum of the Telecommunications and IT industries globally, is a value-added and significant development for the sector. Growing within the scope of the end-to-end service concept, Mikrolink produces synergistic communication solutions consistently across the world. In sharing his views on the subject, CEO of Açık Holding, Yüksel Açık said, “Mikrolink is the locomotive of the technology-oriented activities of Açık Holding, which currently has 22 companies under its umbrella. Mikrolink continues to expedite its activities and investments as a global system integrator that lays down telecom infrastructure in many countries of the world.

We took another important step within the scope of our sustainable growth strategy this month when we acquired California-based Shaxon Industries. Shaxon strives to raise the bar with advanced technology solutions. We offer and adopt a multi-faceted service approach in line with customer needs, while aiming to bring a new breath to the market with this initiative.

Açık; stated that all their investments are aimed at a deeper impact in the sector. Telecommunications and IT industries’ dynamics are constantly on the move. “We’re investing to keep up with this dynamism and complete our end-to-end service network. We first moved Mikrolink to Europe, then to Asia, and now to America. We realize International Business Strategy projects with Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecom operators, in the UK, in Europe, expanding our activities by working like a local firm.”

“We’ve carried out In-Building Solution (IBS) projects in Germany to ensure continuous communications in some government institutions, automotive top brands, international airports, leading hotels and supermarket chains. Moreover, for the first time, we set up networks that allow IOT devices in the country's leading industrial establishments to communicate with each other.”

“We took part in important projects to ensure uninterrupted communication with solutions we produced in Qatar, and we’re currently carrying out the telecom infrastructure works of the FIFA 2022 World Cup stadiums to be held this year. We are committed to maintain the same international turnkey standards in the US while adhering to projects that add value to the telecommunication and IT sectors,” referring to Mikrolink's main strategy in its growth journey.

Having been involved for many years in both the manufacturing and retail side of consumer electronics with high quality and affordable prices, the acquisition of Shaxon by Mikrolink will be priceless for the American telecommunications sector. Providing uninterrupted communications in the international arena with its solid references and experience in the sector, Mikrolink is boosting market shares with solutions that are becoming more abundant by the day. “Transmitting at the right frequency” with the no holds barred Shaxon merger, Mikrolink is committed to continuing its investments in the North American region.