Operation and maintenance activities can be grouped into three main categories: preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and network operations. MIKROLINK performs an in-depth network audit to highlight all immediate and imminent criticalities and define the roadmap of maintenance activities to perform. Afterwards, preventive maintenance ensures that networks continue to operate under normal conditions. On the operational side, monitored activities include network surveillance, helpdesk, support, performance management, dispatch, OSS support, application management and network configuration management.

MIKROLINK’s strong local presence and multi-technology experience bring the right resources and capabilities to guarantee effective cost control and reduced OPEX to implement your O&M activities.


Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance ensures networks function under normal conditions. Part of its preventative maintenance routine, MIKROLINK performs monthly structural checks; functional tests and software and hardware checks; quarterly checks; call testing, inventories, battery checks; microwave and property maintenance checks, power supply, grounding tests and antenna tests.


Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance offers a support function for isolated problems. Corrective maintenance includes alerts, disaster recovery services, and any failures managed within a reasonable timeframe.


Network Operations

In the current wireless space, to manage network maintenance separately can be costly and inefficient. MIKROLINK runs the maintenance activities for several operators, assuring the best performance at the lowest possible cost on network operations such as network surveillance, help desk, support, performance management, dispatch, OSS support, application management and network configuration management.


Network Management

Network management is a risk-reduction exercise that MIKROLINK shares with the operator to mitigate the extra costs incurred by unexpected events, and to reduce the overall operational cost. Operators who work with MIKROLINK on network management see great cost savings and business efficiencies, with an immediate reduction of costs MIKROLINK can manage all vendors involved in the network maintenance, freeing operators from dealing with different suppliers. MIKROLINK not only provides the highest quality by ensure the fastest delivery. Network management services include core network performance, RAN optimization.


Outside Plant Maintenance

With a 24/7 service organization MIKROLINK provides a complete service and maintenance portfolio for outside plant networks.


Preventive maintenance:

Span and route inspections and inspection of manhole covers

Provide measurements related to the services including OTDR, Power Loss, PMD and chromatic Dispersion

Updating documentation of the preventive maintenance and minor repairs performed – Management and registration of interests for network operators


Corrective maintenance:

Based on incident Registration & Classification and SLA contract 24/7 hours

Corrective Maintenance activities on site infrastructure facilities (e.g. telecom equipment, climate control, Fire system, Gas detect, UPS) Repair and restoration or reported faults to the outside plant network (incl. civil work, duct/manhole installation, cable installation and splicing and claims management.