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Why ECO ? Our system is primarily a product with a reduced visual that allows the deployment of base station antennas and their electronic devices, either camouflaged or blending in with their surroundings.

We are aware that our customers are asking us more and more for a cleaner technical solution, in harmony with the environment, able to incorporate all the elements necessary for the proper functioning of our antennas.

Our system allows for the sharing on same site of one, two, three or even four mobile operators, avoiding the need to install more antennas and thus decreasing the negative visual impact that these have on the environment.

The antenna system comes with its ECO mast of different lengths and is thus able to offer customer a complete solution for their installation requirements.


The ECO-SITE system allows incorporation of:

– One, two or three Kathrein panels (mono-bi-trisector).

– Feeders and Jumper cable.

– MUX (Multiplexers)

-MHA (Mast Head Amplifiers)
-RCU(Remote Control Unit) Devices