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Kathrein, the world’s oldest antenna producer and one of the leading companies for telecommunication technologies can be proud of its know-how of 90 years which is a statement for the reliability and quality of its products in the following fields:

• Radio antenna systems
• Terrestrial satelite antenna systems
• Antennas for radio, analog and digital TV broadcast and receive
• Bandwith communication systems
• RF antennas for mobile applications
• Car antennas and automotive electronics
• RFID systems
Providing every kind of antennas and related apparatus to the Turkish market, Mikrolink is the official Turkish distributor of Kathrein ESM Antenna & Mobile Base Station Product Lines since 2009.


Self Organizing Network (SON) solutions are needed to manage the increasing capacity dynamics within and around buildings. However today’s Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are static and fail to provide the required flexibility to adapt to the changing requirements of enterprises or private end-users.The increasing demand for capacity requires sectorization meaning the option to repeatedly use frequency resources for smaller areas, hence the increase of the resource re-use factor. This happens in macro cells as well as in micro cells within a building or campus. However, capacity in a building is not used constantly over time. For example, traffic demand in a shopping mall is different compared to enterprise usage or private residential areas. As the example in graph 2 shows, capacity gains of over 20% can be achieved by using a micro C-RAN, compared to dedicated BTS capacity for each building area.

The Kathrein K-BOW solutionopens up a new solution category for Micro C-RAN, characterized by flexibility, TCO saving and an improved end user experience

K-BOW gives you fast response times to end-customers. As your enterprise customer wants to move from one to another floor or needs a service upgrade for more mobile broadband capacity in its executive floors, K-BOW MNOs can:

  • Remotely run independent single- or multioperator strategy based on a single platform which is compatible with OEM base station solutions
  • Remotely change the capacity by sectorization in a defined area in realtime
  • Remotely optimize the coverage and capacity within a building or campus
  • Remotely provide macro layer end-user experience by using the system integrated LTE MIMO
  • Remotely activate adjacent services (small cells, sensor networks or WiFi access points) by using transparent IP channels available at the RU with up to 700 Mbps
  • Eliminate costly system leveling activities of installation teams with automatic calibration
  • Eliminate access to premises in order to add new carriers or introduce MIMO, just manage remotely from Network Operations Center