QuickGrip – Just a Click to Perfection™
QuickGrip Feeder Grounding Kit and QuickGrip Grounding connector are developed for protecting cable and radio equipment against damages from lightning strikes. The grounding kit is designed to meet the demands from installers and end users around the world. it is extremely easy to use due to its design. Just place the clamp on the cable and press it together, there is no need for any tools during this operation and therefore you will save both time and money. It is made from materials that will withstand the toughest environments for a foreseeable future.

QuickGrip is patented and UL-listed (27WG). Fast production of durable terminations thanks to patented modified insulation piercing technique, wedge insulation piercing. Approved for use in telecom networks, minimum 20 years lifetime.

Quick installation, up to 80% time saving – No tools needed for installation – No use for additional sealing – Compact size – Low contact resistance.

Technical Information
For 1/2″, 7/8″, 1 1/4″ and 1 5/8″ coaxial cable. Waterproof according to IP67.

Environmental requirements acc. to: – MIL-STD-1344:1977 Method 1001.1, IEC 68-2-1, IEC 68-2-2, IEC 60529:2001, IEC 529 14.2.5, MILSTD-1344:1977 Method 1002 Type II, MIL-STD-202F:2002 Method 107G, MIL-STD-202F Method 214, IEC 60529-2001 IP 67, ISO 4892-2:2006(E) Method A.