Remote access of employees from home or from any distant location to company data has become inevitable necessity today. It is much more important to secure the connection when accessing company servers for data besides fast and stable connection. When accessing the data, many companies connects the servers with traditional VPN technology. In VPN systems the user establishes a LAN-LAN connection which makes vulnerable for attacks when connects to the company network from an unsecured point. When accessing to the server, the legitimate user may even be the agent of attacks by eliminating the firewall.

With the next generation sayTEC products, you can access the data you want and prevent cyber attacks before they occur, by establishing high-secure access and communication from any device regardless of the user computer.

How to protect my company data?

First of all, the communication line to Network Infrastructure need to be secured . Isolating access to the corporate network will protect you from many attacks. Traditional backup and storage technologies can no longer meet data security and backup requirements. Hard disk and tape-based hardware technically have both advantages and disadvantages in terms of their backup and restore capabilities. Hard disk failure and high temperature and magnetic fluctuations in tape-based technology cause data loss.

We have developed a new technology by integrating the advantageous features of both aforementioned technologies into one system and leaving the disadvantages out of the system. In the event of an attack or malfunction, your existing data and entire network system are isolated, and within a few minutes, your recovered system is put into operation with your all data in a different and safe location. sayFUSE provides multiple data backups in parallel with 12 drives simultaneously, providing 50 TB of storage per hour (Storage) and 18 TB (Backup) physical data backup.